The National Childhood Obesity Awareness Initiative (NCOAI) has initiated several programs aimed at motivating, inspiring, and educating children, parents/adults, educators about the obesity epidemic facing our nation; with the goal of identifying  ”grass root” solutions.
Star Associated Food Rating System
The NCOAI developed an interactive star-associated food rating system which rewards children for making healthy food choices. This system provides a simple yet effective tool to educate, inspire and motivate children to make healthy food choices. The NCOAI star-associated food rating system is implemented utilizing colorful and interactive placemats. Foods are rated according to their nutritional value: 5 stars (Gold) – best choices, 4 stars (Green) good choices, 3 stars (Blue) – OK choices, 2 stars (Red) – less healthy choices, and 0 stars (Grey) – avoid these choices. READ MORE
Youth Nutrition Program
The NCOAI has developed an easy to implement program that will educate, inspire, and motivate children to make healthy eating choices. READ MORE