Youth Program

Are you an educator or parent looking for a turn-key children’s nutrition program?

The NCOAI has developed a program with the goal of consolidating the plethora of information concerning childhood obesity and solutions /strategies that can be implemented at the family and school level. This series includes determining children’s caloric needs and sample menu plans based on caloric needs.

We hope you will take advantage of this FREE, easy to implement program that will educate, inspire and motivate children to make healthy eating choices. Continuing education credits and a certificate are also available (for a small fee). See below for details.

NCOAI Youth Nutrition Program

NCOAI Youth Nutriton Continuing Education Units

Continuing education units for this program are available through AASDN for professionals wishing to receive contact hours. Click here for more details concerning continuing education.

NCOAI Youth Nutrition Certificate Program

A certificate program has also been developed through AASDN for individuals wishing to earn a certificate in children’s nutrition. Click here for more details.