Shoot for 20 Stars Day Placemats

Children, teachers, parents, grandparents, school personnel, and concerned Americans across the country will be Shooting for 20 Stars on November 14th, 2015 utilizing the “Shoot for 20 Stars Day” placemat.

The Shoot for 20 Stars Day placemats may also be implemented on any day throughout the school year. These placemats incorporate a star-associated food rating system which provides a simple yet effective tool for educating, inspiring and motivating children to make healthy eating choices. Foods are rated according to their nutritional value: 5 stars (Gold) – best choices, 4 stars (Green) – good choices, 3 stars (Blue) – Ok choices, 2 stars (Red) – less healthy choices, and 0 stars (Grey) – avoid these choices.

Implementation In a School Setting

  • Schools that wish to print the “Shoot for 20 Stars Day” Placemats themselves may purchase “Printing Rights” at $50 per thousand (one-time use). Printing Rights include: availability of the placemats in two sizes (8.5″  x 11″ and 10″ x 16″); and a complementary electronic copy of the Shoot for 20 Stars Day Poster. Placemats will be delivered via email within 14 business days of receipt of order.  Click here to obtain “Printing Rights”.
  • Schools that wish to purchase the printed forms of the “Shoot for 20 Stars Day” Placemats may purchase the 8.5″ x 11″ placemat at 60 cents per placemat in bundles of 100 placemats ($60 plus shipping and handling). Please note: these placemats are non-laminated and one-time use only. For participation in the November Shoot for 20 Stars Day, orders must be received by the NCOAI no later than midnight September 15th. Placemats will be mailed on or by November 1st. Click here to purchase the non-laminated, one-time use NCOAI Placemats.

Implementations By Families, Home School Settings, After School Settings

In addition to the same options discussed above, The NCOAI has also developed laminated, reusable, interactive placemats that can be integrated with smaller numbers of children.  These reusable, laminated placemats allow children to use enclosed washable markers to color in stars and reward themselves for good decision making! Placemats are sold in bundles of 5 laminated tracking placemats – perfect for home, home schooling, after school. Click here for more details about our laminated, reusable, interactive placemats.